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Essedara and Jalkhir
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Welcome to the Test of Time Guild Website    

      We are a serious but non-mandatory raiding guild. We definitely like to clear some of the more difficult zones and are beginning to progress nicely through them.   

           We also like to have fun ~ this is a game after all. We raid 3 days a week and are looking for just a few more members to round out our raid force. If you like to raid but don't have time for the "hard-core" stuff, check us out. If you have any questions, please contact any of our council members in game or leave us a message here:


           Tenny, Katiedoodah, Lalla, Liacon, Momo, Malakii, Oolio or Ripps


Caden & Keplin Needed More Than One Mount to Escape ToT!!!

Luckee26646, Mar 31, 14 3:46 AM.
Great teamwork paid off!!! Congratulations on killing Caden & Keplin for our thrid ToV kill!

Test of Time of Butcherblock defeats Essedara and Jalkhir in Temple of Veeshan!

Oolio, Feb 28, 14 8:25 AM.

Test of Time of Butcherblock defeats Sontalak in Temple of Veeshan!

Oolio, Feb 26, 14 7:10 PM.

The Emperor Crumbles in the Hands of ToT!

Luckee26646, Jan 13, 14 7:02 PM.
The Crumbling Emperor is down!!!  Hello TOV!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOTS!!!  Great work all!

Matri Marn was no match for the raiders of ToT!

Luckee26646, Jan 13, 14 5:02 PM.
Congratulations to the team for taking down another mob in AS!  Great work all!
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ToT Recuriting
We are currently accepting applications for DIRGES and will consider other classes for full time & back up slots.  (Full on tanks though)

If you are interested in  joining our guild or raid force, please apply via this link >> Apply to Test of Time
Congrats on our THIRD ToV kill!
Gratz on our SECOND ToV kill ... You guys ROCK!
Gratz on our first ToV Kill!!!
Chicken wing Tuesday.. nom nom nom
Hi Karra!!!
Hi Karra!! /wave
Hola peeps!!
Lia is already dead. EQ2 Zombie.
So-and-so has logged on!