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Welcome to the Test of Time Guild Website    

      We are a serious but non-mandatory raiding guild. We definitely like to clear some of the more difficult zones and are beginning to progress nicely through them.   

  We also like to have fun ~ this is a game after all. We raid 3 days a week and are looking for just a few more members to round out our raid force.  If you like to raid but don't have time for the "hard-core" stuff, check us out. If you have any questions, please contact any of our council members in game or leave us a message here:

  Tenny, Katiedoodah, Lalla, Liacon, Meeses, Momo, Malakii, Oolio, Purrger or Ripps


Grevog the Punisher!

Oolio, Dec 3, 14 12:16 AM.

Yitzik the Hurler! First Fabled Deathtoll Named!

Oolio, Jun 25, 14 4:53 PM.

Kigara & Kelana!! New ToV Kill!

Oolio, Jun 13, 14 12:12 AM.

Rarthek the Swiftclaw was Hobbled by the Test of Time Crew!

Luckee26646, May 12, 14 7:27 PM.
Congratulations on our 4th ToV kill!  You guys focused and Rarthek was no match for your great teamwork!

Caden & Keplin Needed More Than One Mount to Escape ToT!!!

Luckee26646, Mar 31, 14 3:46 AM.
Great teamwork paid off!!! Congratulations on killing Caden & Keplin for our thrid ToV kill!
Game News
ToT Recuriting
Raid times are Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, 8:30p - Midnight Eastern.  We are currently recruiting a dedicated Dirge, Troub and Plate healer for full time, but will consider other classes for back up slots only.

If you are interested in  joining our guild or raid force, please apply via this link >> Apply to Test of Time
Congrats on another first kill!!
Gratz on the first kill of the new raid zone!
Congratz ToT on dinging Level 100!!!
Srvers are up!!!
So-and-so has logged on!